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Planax COPY BinderCopybinder

It is the binding that counts! 

Turn your copies and prints into representative, high-quality documents - with the powerful perfect binding device that makes professional binding accessible to everyone – fast, easy and precise.

With its outstanding processing qualities, easy handling and economical consumer material, the Copy Binder 5 is the ideal device for accountants, solicitors, corporate, copy shops, manufacturing, printers, and any company or organization that values the presentation of their documentation.



  • Compact design and easy handling
  • Perfect binding for 5 to 330 sheets
  • Fast, precise and neat processing
  • Exact edges for a professional look
  • Lay-flat ability for easy reading
  • High binding durability and stability
  • Excellent stacking ability for trouble-free storage
  • Compact form for easy enveloping and mailing


The Copy Binder System guarantees binding results which fulfil the highest bookbinding demands. Every page is perfectly fitted within the binding.

Planax Hanging Book

Instructions for use, manuals, scientific documents, price lists, balances, contracts, business plans, training and presentation documents, policies, reviews, certificates, offers, business reports, advertising and sales documents and many more.