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Copyscience is committed to assisting its customers to comply with recent government legislation, which requires businesses and individuals to recycle their spent toner cartridges and waste toner.

Kyocera, as a global organization, implemented green policies over 30 years ago, long before it became fashionable. Their products are in line with the strictest environmental standards worldwide. By utilising long-life components for its award-winning copiers and printers, environmental waste is minimized given that these components rarely need replacing.

Kyocera’s cartridge-free print technology reduces the number of components in the toner system by more than 80% on average, consequently reducing the manufacturing and recycling impact of the device.

In general, Kyocera toners also yield significantly more copies than most other brands, resulting in less frequent need for replacement, which translates to less recycling expense for the end user.

Our company collaborates with Telli Recycling Ltd, an authorized collector/recycler. They can be contacted for advice and collection of spent toner cartridges and waste toner bottles as follows: 

Telli Recycling Ltd
Industrial Zone Yeri-Dali
P.O.BOX 12832, CY2253 Latsia

Tel:  22485690
Fax:  22480514